Licensing Opportunities

We license our content to multiple partners around the world, for multiple uses.

For example, many of the hundreds of retro games we own are now on platforms such as – Steam, Google Play, Antstream, Apple iOS, the full sized THEC64, THEVIC20, with more already licensed to appear on further consoles from various parties, plus multiple deals with third party studios from around the world for new remakes.

Occasionally at our complete discretion, for small fan game releases, we will allow some retro games to be remade (for example we have done this recently for a game for the Spectrum Next machine). We don’t normally ask for payment for fan titles, normally just a copyright acknowledgment, and if a fee is charged by the makers for a physical copy, for a very small donation (normally to our chose charity the MS Society in the UK) to be make on our behalf.

We also license content to merchandising companies all around the world, from large international companies who also work with other rights owners such as Nintendo, right down to smaller companies selling T Shirts/memorabilia/merchandise on places like Etsy and eBay. We can normally do something that works for everyone at every level.

Other uses signed/pending, include film and TV show creation, books, audiobooks and dramas. Please contact us to discuss your potential ideas/requirements.