IP Trademarks

Subvert has in recent years acquired ownership of multiple games, copyright, artwork rights, and all relevant IPs and rights for those titles. All acquisitions are fully backed up by chains of purchase, signed contracts, email chains from prior owners, as well as historical evidence of the full purchase and ownership chains.

These titles and catalogues include –

The games from the company Pixel Productions; such as the Trader Trilogy.

The games by Automata UK such as; Pimania, Deus Ex, and many more.

The full catalogue of classic titles from the company, Artic Computing.

Games formally owned by Infogrames (Beam/Melbourne House, Phillips), to include; The Horace series (and character), Penetrator, Terror-Daktil 4D, the Mugsy series, the Videopac series, the Voyeur series, the Mystic Midway series, International Tennis Open, Castle of Terror, Dark Tower, Hellfire, Fighting Warrior, Doc the Destroyer, Terrormolinos, Sir Lancelot , Grand Larceny , Knuckle Busters, Dodgy Geezers, Alien Gate, Kether, Gearheads.

The full catalogue of Microdeal, acquired from Hisoft.

As well as the ownership and copyright in these hundreds of titles Subvert also has a wide selection of supporting and associated trademarks.